Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Reality of Neverland...

Hello All. It's Alie. And currently I'm in New York City, I was accepted into the NYU Pre-college program, and am currently taking Forensic Anthropology and Sociology, and while the course-load is difficult it is also extremely rewarding. I will be here for the next month, but the program itself is 6 weeks long. Before I left my hometown of Boulder, Colorado, I purchased a dress from, I had been eager to get a dress with a "Peter Pan Collar" and the moment I set my eyes on this one... I knew it was necessary that I purchased it immediately. A few days prior to me leaving for NYU, I was walking around Boulder with my cousin when I realized that as excited as I was to be in New York City, I was scared out of my mind. I was going to be completely on my own. Part of me felt like I was like Peter Pan, like I was stuck in this "Neverland" and didn't want to have to face the challenges of growing up and moving on. So, I thought "what perfect timing, since after all i did just get a peter pan collar dress!". And who doesn't love a good pun!

                                              Dress: Vintage from
                                              Shoes: Sperry Boatshoes
                                              Bow: Dress up box in my basement

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